For the Love of my Son by Margaret Davis

forthe.JPGHodder & Stoughton Ltd . 272 pages

I still have a lot of pending books to be read but the moment I picked this one from the bookshelf, I knew I had to get it.

You just HAVE to read this book. Margaret Davis narrates very painfully how her son, Steve Davis–a UK-born IT businessman based in Manila, married a Filipina prostitute, and four years later, was brutally murdered in his own bed.

Some factual details (like exchange rate, airport descriptions, etc) can be erroneous but they seem trivial compared to the issue at hand. Not only is it about cold blooded homicide and betrayal. Its also about the failure of the Philippine justice system, and the British Government as well.

A shocking, dissappointing and heart-breaking read. Read on:


Steven Davis in 2001
Steven Davis – fishing in 2001

For the love of my son

Margaret Davis’ son was murdered in the Philippines in 2003. She has written a book about her experience.

Margaret Davis, from Bingham, found out that her son had been killed when she received a phone call from her son’s business partner Martin.“He just said to me that Steven had had an accident. I asked him ‘how bad’ and he said he’s dead. And then the line went dead.

For the Love of My Son (book cover)
For the Love of My Son

“It was a couple of hours later that he actually phoned me back.”

When Martin called Margaret back and filled her in on the details – that Steven had been shot – she jumped into action and got on to a plane to the Philippines.

“I heard about his death on the Thursday and then by the Friday I was on a plane.”

For the first week Margaret spent time with Steven’s wife, Evelyn, and their two children but it wasn’t long before she started to get a bit suspicious.

“Steven’s wife was a little aloof with me and more interested in what I knew about what was happening, asking me about Steven’s business partner (and what he’d seen in relation to the shooting)… I just felt the reaction was a little strange.

Margaret and her family
Margaret and her family

“I knew this girl like a daughter. She knew me extremely well but she wasn’t treating me as if she knew me well.

“I had to give her the benefit of the doubt – we all react to grief in different ways.”

Things weren’t happening for several weeks. Then the police came up with some suspects for the murder having put surveillance on Steven’s house. One was Evelyn’s brother-in-law and one was her boyfriend.

Margaret went from a mourning mother to being, as Margaret describes herself ‘Jane Tennison from Prime Suspect’, fighting for justice for her son.

By writing a book about her experiences, For The Love Of My Son (now published by Hodder), Margaret has managed to put the story to rest.



  1. A very decent appraisal of a very fine book.An ordinary mum who went to the very end of the earth to get justice for her son.This story should be made into a film.

    1. Actually he wasnt a sex tourist you ignorant prat! He actually was working in Pi and thought he was saving this girl from a life of misery!She repaid him by having her boyfriend murder him in cold blood. Read the book, get your facts right before you post such garbage. People like you make me sick!

      1. This guy ran a porn website which clearly exploited locals. Not sure if all the facts are quite as clear cut as story makes out.

  2. “Steve Davis–a UK-born IT businessman based in Manila, married a Filipina prostitute”

    why would he marry a prostitute? Is he desperate or maybe he sucks in life? there’s a lot of descent women in RP.

    1. Evil Asian Dude

      What you must understand is that it is a very different culture in the Philipines. Like some other cultures, the objective for marriage is only for money and nothing else. Their thinking is very different to English.

  3. hai marg..
    i have read your book and
    i ❤ your book.. "for the love of my son"
    god bless you and your familly..
    and i ❤ Steve davis and i think God ❤ ❤ ❤ him so much ..

  4. I just finished reading the book, and i have to tell you that i cried everytime i read steven’s little kids mention there fathers name. The part that really got me was when jessie told her daddy to wake up, i thank god that they have such great grandparents looking after them. Thank you for writting the book, and god bless your whole family.

  5. what complete and utter nonsence.
    you are all being duped.
    anwser one simple question why didnt Alex turn state witness and give up brutas. remember he didnt pull the trigger, it was brutas. so simply why didnt he say who was the third susspect. perhaps he was looking forward the spending a very long time looked up. simply he couldnt because he didnt know who the third suspect was because he was innocent and had no part in the murder. AND NO AMOUNT OF MONEY WAS GOING TO BUY THIS. but who did give brutas up.

    more to follow

  6. Hey, I was Steven’s friend he was my first client in in Hong Kong I managed his finances in the 90’s.

    Fact is I picked up Evelyn from a bar before he did. I had another girl show up in the morning while Evelyn was still at my room. Steve came to the rescue after Evelyn started bawling when I was throwing her out. He fell for the black beauty (dark skinned philipina). Told me she was young and was going to “train” her. Next thing new he was hooked.

    The saying is you can take the girl out of the bar but you cannot take the bar out of the girl. I told him she was damaged goods but he would not listen. That whole lifestyle destroys the soul.

    Adventures in life… good times in HK and the PI.

  7. I read this book I know the guy and the only thing he was guilty of is being in love and decent.His family knew her background didn’t like it but accepted their sons choice. They treated her well and was there supporting her when she had the kids. In my opinion no one has the right to take a life and orphan children she is where she deserves by God and the Law. And Eve what part of murder is ‘utter nonsense; And Evil Asian Dude all postitutes are human its the men that encourage desperate girls. Steve had courage and saw the good in her and tried to make her like better but she re payed him by betrayal and murder. I agree with awp .That whole lifestyle destroys the soul.

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