The Perfect 10 by Louise Kean

perfect-10.jpgHarper Collins. 340 pages

After the Bridget Jones ‘civilization’ has swept most of the female population, I unknowingly developed the biased habit of viewing most ‘chic-lit’ books as being the ‘hatchling’ of Miss Jones.

Cliche as it sounds, but this book has a charm of its own that will remind you once again of B.J.

After successfully dropping down 8 clothes-sizes (from a size 20 to a size 12), Sunny Weston still finds herself very wobbly, insecure and unattractive. Of course, she is more attractive than she thinks she is, and has the brightest personality. But as always, she is single, and has 2 thin ‘friends’.
While taking her LITE Blueberry Muffin in Starbucks one Sunday morning, she sees a strange man try to randomly kidnap a small boy. She chases after the man, thinking of how many calories she’s burning while sprinting.

Another man joins in the chase to save the boy. After enduring punches and kicks, the boy was safely handed back to his mother and the stranger apprehended.

This other man who joins in the chase is Cagney James, an extremely sarcastic and obnoxious man. It was hate at first sight (at the police station) for Cagney and Sunny but they inevitably had to face each other again as the young boy’s mother invites them for a thanksgiving dinner.

The only thing in common that Cagney and Sunny have are their odd jobs. Sunny sells sex toys for women online, and Cagney runs an agency that specializes in catching cheating wives/girlfriends.

You read on as Sunny battles more weight insecurity, a not so ideal relationship with an ex-coworker and this attraction/hate with Cagney.

With the merriment of amusing supporting cast roles–the loveable gay Christian and Sunny’s stoic therapist, the story is not very unusual of an ‘opposites attract’ formula. But it’s definitely funny and heart-warming.

 the author, Louise Kean


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