Sleep With Me by Joanna Briscoe

Bloomsbury Publishing. 306 pages.

Where was this book all those times I was in dire need of an excellent read?? From start to finish, this book has got me like little hooks grazing my skin. This is a perfect example of a terrific material/bad title novel.

Richard Fearon and Lelia Guha are a normal middle class academic London couple with a normal giddy relationship. As the synopsis begins, ‘The day our child was conceived, someone else arrived. She was there as the cells fused, like a ghost.”

Their lives are unknowingly interrupted by this seemingly harmless and plain as obscure french-english woman/girl named Sylvie Lavigne. She is plainer than oatmeal, with features you are bound to forget right after you see her. But in some mysterious and quiet way, she manages to get Both Richard and Lelia smitten over her.

Unknown to each other, both Richard and Lelia develop an affair with Sylvie.

Laced with haunting and beautiful literature, this entire novel is very well thought of, excellently written and perfectly sensual. It touches on lesbian love, obsession, and extra-marital affairs.

I wish this book had the proper marketing and packaging. It’s way better than the last 2 ‘bestsellers’ I’ve read.

 the author, Joanna Briscoe

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