Anyone But You by Jennifer Crusie

crusieanyone.jpgHarlequin Books. 224 pages

40-year old Nina Askew is starting a new life. She’s just divorced her wealthy successful husband for a simpler and more meaningful life. She’s enjoying her newly single life at a rented apartment and gets herself a dog–a miserable looking part basset part beagle old dog which she names Fred. Fred is adorable, lazy and almost bossy–far from the cute and fluffy puppy that she initially wanted to get.

But thanks to Fred, Nina gets to know her downstairs neighbor, Alex Moore, a 30 year old doctor. Alex is easy going, loves Fred, and old movies (just as Nina does), and most of all–handsome. The attraction between them is undeniable yet Nina has so many hangups, most glaring of which is their 10 year gap.

This light rom-com is perfect for those who want relaxed and light reading. The ‘supporting’ characters (the funky bestfriend and the sleazy brother) are entertaining enough but not too irritatingly ‘supportive’ as with other rom-coms.

When you read this book, you will either fall in love with Fred or the story. I’m a dog lover but the story got me hooked more.

the author, Jennifer Crusie


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