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Gump & Co. by Winston Groom

Pocket Books-Simon&Schuster.242 pages.

The lovable Forrest Gump is back! We have all been left teary eyed with “part one” of Forrest Gump (both the book and the movie). But as fate would have it, Forrest’s shrimping company, Bubba Gump has gone bust. Forrest is once again back into gear and surviving through very serendipituous events.

But with young, smart but rebellios Forrest junior to look after, and the fast times of the roaring 80’s–will Forrest Gump get lucky to be ahead once more?

With his signature simplicity and charm, we go through Forrest’s adventures all over the world as he makes AND changes history (without intending to of course)–from formulating the taste of the New Coca-Cola, to being in Iran with the Ayotallah, rubbing elbows with TOM HANKS, crashing the Berlin Wall and reuniting East and West Germany–to meeting Saddam Hussein! Though quite unrealistic, the adventures are touching, warm, and most of all, funny.

He goes through a series of ups and downs and again eventually succeeds, and he is approached by Hollywood to turn his life story into a movie.

Yet Forrest starts with this good advice:

“Take my word for it—don’t never let nobody make a movie of your life’s story….”

Tom Hanks as Forrest Gump


The author, Winston Groom, grew up in Mobile, Alabama. Just as Forrest Gump had.