Memo: Marry Me? by Jennie Adams

mmmuk.jpg Harlequin Mills & Boon.185 pages.

Ok. Ok. I also don’t know what prompted me to pick this up. It must be the winter chill! I was just killing some lunch break time and passed by Big W. This book was 1 of 3 (well 4 because there was a bonus book) of this set:


The “Winter Warmer Collection” packaging was just screaming “pick mee! me! me!” over the bestsellers. Plus it was uber cheap so I thought why not. The last time I read a book of this kind –I was 15 years old, suggested forced by my good friend –who literally shoved this historical romance book in my bag. Now I know why I never really veered towards this genre of literature.


I guess Im just too pragmatic to know that I don’t live in a planet where every man or woman’s hormones are always haywire-crazy.



But I have to admit, this book (Memo: Marry Me?) did keep me slightly amused at work. Though I wasn’t really engrossed, I finished the entire book at work –spare time-and it’s been busy at work lately. So that gives you an idea how such an easy read this is!

So yeah–the book: Lily Kellaway owns and manages a secretarial agency. Things are going well until one of her top clients, Swift Enterprises–owned by the gorgeous and hunky Zachary Swift. (come on! he HAS to be gorgeous and hunky!)–files a complaint against one of her secretaries.


Zachary Swift complained that the secretary that Lily has supplied his company with–has done nothng but stalk and ogle him. And showed up in his private office stark naked.


Highly embarrassed, Lily is determined to salvage her company and not lose one of its top clients. She suggests a number of offers but Zachary wants HER to do the job to be sure that there would be no more goof ups.


OF COURSE–there is undeniable sexual /physical attraction between Lily and Zach as they play the role of Secretary and Boss the next few weeks.

And Of Course again, like all love stories–they have to have hang-ups. Zach has just been burned by a so-so engagement and vows never to love a woman again (but we all know that is bound to be broken). And Lily’s: (have to say, her ‘issue’ is quite interesting) she’s had mild brain damage a few years ago and her parents and ex-fiance have all dropped her like hot potato since then.




She has mild short-term memory loss (not as extreme as 50 first Dates) and in part that’s what makes her a good secretary–she takes down notes every second! After a few more weeks of unsuccessfully denying their feelings, they end up together and get married. But you all know that anyway.


I enjoyed reading about Lily’s condition more than the predictable love story but sure, it did make my winter day a little less cold.


This book is written by Australian author, Jennie Adams.

















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