The Time Traveler’s Wife by Audrey Niffenegger

tttw_uk.jpgVintage (Random Hse Group), 518 pages

I know I’m pretty late. This has been in all bookstore’s bestsellers section for more than a year now i think.  Got my copy early this year at Kinokuniya in Singapore, but only got to read it now.

And this is what a week without work can do to me. I finished reading this book in just 3 days. It wasn’t really hard to finish– a work as grand as this. Pretty hard to put down and you won’t even feel that over 500 pages have gone by.

Henry deTamble, witty and charming as he is, suffers from a very rare genetic disorder known as “Chrono Displacement”.  Just like regular epileptic seizures, he gets attacks which make him disappear, and go either forward or backward in time. In short, he involuntarily time travels.

In one of his time travels, when he is 36 years old, he sees his future wife–who was then a 6 year old girl, Clare. Their real age difference is 8 years, and since that first meeting, Henry periodically appears and disappears from Clare’s life.  Clare has known to wait for him regularly, and when she is 22, and Henry is 30, they marry each other.

They try to live a relationship and life as ‘normal’ as they could. And though the situation sounds quite tragic, they deal with it in a good natured manner–astonishing and horrifying friends, co-workers and families.

Most of all, Henry and Clare prove that true love is eternal–time is nothing.

This book is mostly romance, rich in feelings, literary and poetic citations.  Even though the situation is unrealistic, the characters’ feelings (the story is told alternately by Henry and Clare) make it so believably moving.

The story unfolds in a reader-friendly way (not as confusing as i initially thought. what with all that age difference and time traveling)–yet i often found my simple one track mind stopping to mentally calculate and estimate time sequencing. It’s a pretty good workout 🙂

Just one gripe–I know the author wanted to portray how truly and deeply in love Henry and Clare are to each other–but must they always be that sex-hungry? Especially  when she was 8/9 months pregnant (after 6 miscarriages!) and to risk the pregnancy because of their libido was abit illogical.

This one of a kind love story has a movie adaptation on it’s way. Eric Bana plays Henry, and the fabulous Rachel McAdams brings Clare to life. I can’t wait to see the movie. I love Rachel McAdam’s versatile acting. Clare’s character reminds me abit of McAdam’s Alice Calhoun (from The Notebook), so I’m sure she will do a convincing Clare Abshire.

The Time Traveler’s Wife is Audrey Niffenegger’s first novel.

 Eric Bana plays Henry deTamble


 Rachel McAdams as Clare Abshire


4 responses to “The Time Traveler’s Wife by Audrey Niffenegger

  1. Hello–

    Just to reiterate, as I have several times before, if Rachel or Eric ever fall through as the adaptations for Ms. Niffeneger’s characters, I’m your guy. I feel like I could make this screenplay so pure, but I realize my chance has probably come and gone, so I consent to watch the film that will end up on the screen. But thanks anyways.


  2. All I have to say is that I think Eric Bana is absolutely perfect for this role, both in looks and acting abilities.

    One of the greatest and most entertaining books I’ve read, and also causes one to look at life in a different Manner

  3. loved this book. read it twice back to back. first time, i’d hired it out from the local library, and the second after i’d bought my own copy and was so excited to have it that i read it again…*nerd!*

    anyway, i have two comments:
    1) i love rachel mcadams and i’m sure she will be brilliant in this role, but in the novel they kept referring to clare as being more full figured, etc…i thought christina hendricks might have been a more physically matched choice (though, truth be told, i’m not sure i’ve seen her in anything of this dramatic magnitude yet, so she is a bit unproven…though she did have some very intense scenes on “madmen”). on a side note, i don’t particularly care for eric bana as henry. i just feel like he isn’t “cool” enough. and he also doesn’t seem like a physical representation of how the character is described in the novel.

    2) about your comment: “Just one gripe–I know the author wanted to portray how truly and deeply in love Henry and Clare are to each other–but must they always be that sex-hungry? Especially when she was 8/9 months pregnant (after 6 miscarriages!) and to risk the pregnancy because of their libido was abit illogical.”

    9 mos is a long time to go without sex. given clare’s history of miscarriage, it makes sense that they weren’t having sex earlier in the pregnacy, but at 8/9 mos pregnant, there’s no real risk anymore. a fetus ejecting itself at 2/3/4/5 mos is a miscarriage. a fetus ejecting itself at 8/9 mos is a birth. at that point, the baby can survive outside the womb, a bit underweight perhaps, but in most cases, without intensive medical intervention. just making a point…

  4. great story, poor narration..

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