The Toyboy Diaries: A Memoir by Wendy Salisbury

0732286905.jpgHarper Collins Publishers. 293 pages.

“I like older men but I couldn’t eat a whole one. A younger man? That’s another story.”

So claims Wendy, an over 60 year old woman with a vigor for younger (much much younger) men.

This…sex memoir (?) is like a rated-R blog that panned out in book form. I honestly can’t say very much about it. Other than its  like watching/reading a marathon run of SATC+DESPERATE GRANDMA.

Ok for one, I do admire her brazen personality, she who doesn’t care what others may think. The last words of this book were, “Fuck you very much!” (quoting Eric Idle). But at times it seems very much like harassing and exploiting younger men.

But as she explains, its just nature’s way of redressing the balance. Throughout history, it’s always been an older man + much younger woman pairing. But with more empowered women nowadays, many of them take the lead and get in control.

If you are tempted to tell her ‘Shag someone from your generation!”, here’s her reply:

“Although they’re my generation, I feel totally disconnected from them. They’ve let themselves go which is really unappealing. I know loads of attractive, sexy, vibrant older women but the men…eeuw! They think they can pull you because they’ve got money and a pulse and that any single woman is desperate for a man at any cost. Personally, I’d rather eat pizza with (younger men) than caviar with any of them.”

the very happy. author.

7 responses to “The Toyboy Diaries: A Memoir by Wendy Salisbury

  1. good for you im a glamorous 74 year old woman dating an 18 yr old its wonderful

  2. i am 41 and live with a very hot 57 year angel. the sex is incredible and she is the most gentle and beutiful woman i have ever met. we have been together for 4 and 1/2 years and it keeps getting hotter

  3. your book says you had relationship with your daughter’s ex boyfriend??? are you so desperate or what?! hey why dont you have a relationship with your daughter’s new boyfriend too while you at it, and when your grand daughter grows up, you going to have a relationship with her boyfriend too??!

  4. i date my 73 yr odl ganma she is stunning im 19

  5. William Gordon

    Would you believe? – she’s still at it! (both dating younger men , and writing about her experiences – in even greater detail than her first book.) This has the same main title (with a ‘2’ after it so we don’t get confused – or purchase the first volume again!) and also subtitled ‘The Daily Male’ (Yes, I DID spell that right! – and ‘says it all’)
    Apparently both titles are flying off the shelves, and Wendy herself has been interviewed on radio (including the normally ‘starchy’ Womans Hour).
    It would be interesting to get your comments on this one. I think the young guys exploit her too (some are just downright rude) – but I guess that’s ‘part of the game’ – and I think Wendy is coming to terms with this (but it obviously still hurts.) She’s presently writing a novel (semi autobiographical) with a sort of ‘Carmen’ flavour by all accounts; as she had a fling with a leading matador in the swinging sixties – can’t wait!!

  6. Good on ya Wendy !
    Your life now to enjoy after devoting yourself to family & motherhood.
    Give us a shout n I’ll show u Aussieland …
    hope I’m not to old @ 39 !

  7. Well tomo, if you Google her blog you’ll see she’s currently chasing the 73yr old ex matador who apparently is the main hero in her novel – so I guess hope for you! You also really need to read ‘Toyboy Diaries 2’ – The Daily Male as she includes a number of guys of our age (and older!)-so I think ‘Boy’ is used with ‘artistic licence’ with our Wendy – but don’t we all just love and lust after her?

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