New Moon by Stephenie Meyer

atom books. 563 pages. copyright 2006

there is no way that you could read twilight and not want to know what happens next. so i immediately got the second book, new moon (thanks to hubby). ‘new moon’, according to author stephenie meyer, is the complete opposite phase of a full moon. and it is supposedly the darkest kind of night. that definition alone sums up the book in a whole. so these are bella swan’s darkest days. edward cullen realizes that his vampire-human relationship isn’t doing any of them good, so he ups and leaves. meanwhile bella is left , for the next half year, moping around. she seeks comfort from jacob black, who turns out to become a werewolf to fight the vampires. she actually seemed to be just using him, for the meantime that she is nursing a broken heart.

edward only appears in the beginning and in the end of the book. in between is like one grey matter (the only climax revealing that jacob belongs to a pack of werewolves, and that victoria is back seeking for vengeance) the whole book is too reflective, and too emotional, especially with bella not being able to move on. the pacing is not as good as twilight, even with edward’s life or death scenario in italy towards the end.

bella practically ‘dumps’ jacob like a used comforter when edward returns back into the picture. edward, for all the frustrations i have with him, at least was man enough to thank jacob for keeping bella alive when he wasn’t around.

so the issue which leaves readers hanging now is, will she or will she not? (be turned into a bloodsucker)

i have eclipse waiting to be read, but im taking a break from the vampires first.


2 responses to “New Moon by Stephenie Meyer

  1. OMG! I took the the TWILIGHT QUIZ and found out I’m Bella. I’d love to be Edwards girlfriend!

  2. Great site! Keep up the good work!

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