eclipse by stephenie meyer

628 pages. atom books. copyright 2007

as much as i didn’t really like the second book in the twilight series, ‘New Moon’, i still can’t resist the urge to be hooked and want to know what happens next. i’m glad i got the third book. ‘eclipse’ sort of becomes ‘new moon’s redeeming factor. so this picks up where new moon ended–the cullens are back in forks. but there’s been a series of murders in seattle that alarms nor just the forks local police and people but the friendly neighborhood vampires and werewolves as well.

more action, more historical info (aka legends) are in the book. the suspense builds up at a moderate pace, and doesn’t all just culminate in the end (like twilight). there’s the suspense of battle, and of personal decisions.

the characters are much more developed–i was going to hate edward cullen forever for being so possesive of bella –and for bella as well for being a pushover, but later on they reach a compromise. and edward becomes more understanding of bella’s and jacob’s friendship. i’ve also found a newborn respect for edward in his conversation with jacob–him admitting that there are times he thinks jacob would be better for bella.

jacob as usual is very endearing, and still devoted to bella. bella finds herself being able to relate to the catherine of ‘wuthering heights’, torn between 2 opposing and feuding admirers.

it ends with bella graduating from highschool–and all twilight readers would know what that means.

i really feel for jacob black. bella is too dumb and lovestruck not to see this!

PS: atom books has serious issues with typos (grammatical and all sorts), all 3 books have had them so far. very trivial errors but affects the reading of course.


One response to “eclipse by stephenie meyer

  1. I’m reading New Moon. I’ve heard similar opinions – that it’s a bit slow moving and not as good as Twilight – but I’ll probably enjoy it anyway. I wasn’t expecting to get hooked on this series, but I am.

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