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Life in the Fat Lane by Cherie Bennett

fatlaneLaurel Leaf Books, 260 pages, copyright 1998.

An ALA Best Book for Young Adults, Life in the Fat Lane is a must read not just for young adults but for women of all ages. The copy I read was published in 1998 (first publishing I guess), so it still had a very “R.L Stine-y” illustration on it. A newer puclication is out with a much modern cover (a girl in very tight jeans, grasping her tummy rolls)

Lara Ardeche is the most popular girl in her Nashville highschool–beauty pageant winner, homecoming queen, and perfect set of parents (her mother was also a beauty pageant queen and her father, the school jock who married the homecoming queen.)

Everything is at her feet, life is a piece of cupcake. Until she’s diagnosed with a metabolic disorder known as Axell-Crowne disease, where she exponentially keeps on gaining weight. The more she exercises and diets, the MORE the pounds pile on.

The novel is very direct, almost blunt and graphic, in detailing Lara’s new life as the “fat girl”. Issues such as bulimia, extra marital affairs, school bullying, and self-esteem are dealt with head-on in a no BS manner.

This book is a highly recommended read. And it would  be lovely to see a film adaptation of it, (ala Mean Girls).