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Real Women Don’t Wear Size 2 by Kelley St. John

9780446617215_388X586 Warner Books, 2003, 350 pages.

It’s fairly easy to see from the book’s statement title that the theme is all about pro-‘healthy/real size’ and boo skanko-rexic size zero.

Clarice Robinson is the typical ‘real-sized’ heroine–insecure, has a generous and amazing personality, was a wallflower in school, and more glaringly, has a younger sister who is thin, glamorous, and confident. And of course, she has a deep and long admiration for her boss and close friend, the dashing Ethan Eubanks.

But unlike all rom-com about real sized heroines, the object of her desire Does like her too–and in fact becomes her sort-of sex slave, helping her fulfill all her fantasies.

In short–no conflict in plot. 80% of the book is a ‘sex confession’ (true to the cover warning saying, “Dangerous Curves Ahead”)

So really, there’s almost no story essential like plot , conflict, or resolution. But if you are in for a hot (raunchy) read, you might like this.

And as a book that embraces sizes and cirves, it seems to do it overly and almost patronizingly. (All characters in the book, even waifish sales assistants seem to love curves and secretly hate their thin bodies. RIGHT.)

And so much for trying to have a grabbing title–are al women size 2 and below fake then?