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The Wedding by Nicholas Sparks

the wedding Doubleday Book Club (With Time Warner Books UK), 2003, 263 pages.

Since I first saw this book on shelves some years ago, I had nothing but scorn and skepticsim on my mind. Come on–yet another romance novel by Nicholas Sparks–entitled “The Wedding”??

After having read a few Sparks novels, (A Walk to Remember, True Believer, The Notebook, and The Rescue) I am 100% convinced that Sparks should hold the title of King of Cheese and Corn.

But I found myself, one afternoon in the Cairns Library looking for a fast and easy read.

At 262 pages, with nice fonts, I finished the book overnight.

A sequel to to the very popular “The Notebook”, “The Wedding” is about Wilson Lewis, son-in-law of Noah and Allie Calhoun (well loved characters from ‘The Notebook’), whose 29-year marriage to his wife Jane has reached a stalemate.

He seeks advice and counsel from his father-in-law Noah Calhoun, who, by the way is famous for having swept the heart of Allie (and all women readers and viwers of ‘The Notebook’).

If you haven’t read ‘The Notebook’, ‘The Wedding’ doesn’t lack in flashback reminders to let readers know what an awesome romance Noah and Allie had.

Told in the point of view of Wilson, who claims he’s not romantic or sentimental–the pacing is rather slow and becomes overly sentimental at times. He searches for ideas how to make his wife fall for him all over again. And just as I was preparing myself for a very safe and predictable ending, I was pleasantly surprised to have found a nice little twist to the ending.

Wives will want to make their husbands read this from cover to cover, and husbands will no doubt create a dartboard target for ‘this sentimental Sparky’ dude.